Small business and agency usually run on a tight budget and this can be a little bit confusing when you are trying to look for ways to promote your business.

Well, you want to grow your business?

Well, who doesn’t?

The problem is it’s hard to grow your business and market it unless you have a big marketing budget, right?

That’s a bunch of bullshit.

You don’t need money always to market your business. Today I’m going to teach you how you can market your website when you have no money to spend on advertising.

we have different ways on the internet you can market yourself/business without spending much money or breaking an arm or a leg, I have taken time to think of the ways one can market his business without spending much money.

Below are free online business marketing ideas that would give your business a  boost without breaking your budget.


Google My Business

Google my business account ensures that when someone looks for your business on the internet it helps locate your business especially to your local audience and gives you free traffic leads and call engagement online, it is the number one free traffic source for local business it lets you appear high up in google search engines, as a result when people search for you, you get seen.

it is completely free and an affordable marketing tool for small business and big business alike, as long as you have a Google account you can be listed on Google business for free.




Blogging is another excellent way to let customers searching for a particular product or services that you offer to learn more and in the process get to trust your brand as they tend to see you as an authority in that niche.
When you give out valuable information and educative blog post, prospects tend to see you as an authority, trust your brand more and always visit to get even more.

They can subscribe to your newsletter where you can even have a closer reach to them, blogging over the years has proved to be an effective way to promote your business online Business marketing ideas


Video Marketing

There are 500 million people on Facebook watching videos every day and over 10 billion on Snapchat.

So it is no surprise that you want to promote your business using this free channel at your disposal.

But if you want your video marketing campaign to be successful you have to make it attention-grabbing, in fact, your video can actually go viral if you play your card well.



Email Newsletters

Emails are still one way that you can promote your business explosively, once your audience begins to grow you just have to get their emails via a newsletter this cannot be overemphasized this way you tend to have a more closer reach with your audience and on an average, most people tend to open their email at least twice per week this gives them the impression that your business still exists and you care about them.

If you have a loyal email list you’ll be amazed at how much more you can do with email marketing as we have over time come to trust your brand and understand that you are an authority that needs to be listened to in your niche.

One very good tool that would help you achieve this is Getresponse. An email marketing specialist tool, that is easy to use for a complete beginner.

Want even more platforms to choose from, I made a list in this article below.

Best Email Marketing Platforms For Small Business 2022


Promoting On Social Media

One very good thing about social media is that it is completely free yes if you want to run at Facebook Twitter Snapchat Instagram and likes are completely free and you don’t have to pay money to come onboard user engagement is very important while on social media you have to create user engaging posts to follow influences that are in your niche probably in there you might get lucky and your post gets requested by an influencer this will give you so much attention that you asked for.

If you want to also speed up your presence and social media you can also run ads so that people get to know you even way faster.


Seek Partnerships

Partnership has always been a way to help scale-up businesses even in real life as an online entrepreneur it is very interesting that you partner with people who are in the same niche as you this actually helps in audience exchange, sharing of ideas, and what works not this little small community would make you even cleaned more to your business and be serious about it


Guest Posting

Guest posting on an authority website is one of the fastest ways 2 positions yourself as an authority and promote your online business guest posting on authority website in your name would give you a new audience, because they already have the audience and when this audience navigates down to your side you could actually turn them into prospects by signing them up into your newsletter they could also have more connection with your content than the former having them in your newsletter would give you the access to them to educate and promote your business


Connect with Influencers in your Niche

Connecting with influencers in your niche would help you prepare your business once your business come to the Coven as you grow your business online and dish out really fun content in your niche influences would most likely have you on board and you might not actually pay exorbitant fees that a Nobody and attitude because you are actually are bringing value to them and no influence us we want to dish out trash content to his audience so you focus on building your business then connect with influencers and keep a relationship with them for future purposes


Do a contest

Contest are effective marketing tools says it requires participants to complete some sort of challenge, it could be a question or demonstrate Talent or skills. the primary purpose of content is to attract similar companies and create a buzz online, relative to other marketing tools contests are relatively low-cost expenditures depending on the prize and setup.

Using your social handles or website to perform contests gives your business a boost as people would want to know what you are into, when they come in to vote for their favorite participant.

You should take note that your contest should be easily accessible, UI friendly, and straightforward.



Wrap up

Growing your business on a budget is a slow process but if you do it right, you would yield positive result over time. For a new business, these Online Business Marketing Ideas would help you catapult your presence online if you do them right.




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