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We are living in a fast-moving world and now every aspect of our life is drifting online; including how we run business marketing. Today, I can earn an income online without moving from my home with the aid of the internet through Affiliate marketing.

This digital promotion and earning strategy has gained great adoption worldwide. Online marketers are already fetching big with affiliate marketing in this Nigeria. If you are a Nigerian looking to increase your income streams, there is no doubt that affiliate marketing is worth giving a try.

This article is meant to explore what Affiliate marketing is, how it works and how you can benefit from it.

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing in simple words is referring people to buy products and services of a given company that in turn pays you commissions. Many product sellers and service providers in Nigeria and the world today rely on affiliate marketing as it is highly effective in increasing publicity and eventually increasing sales.

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Contrary to what many people think, affiliate marketing is not a completely new marketing strategy as people in the past still practiced it but in a different manner.

In traditional affiliate marketing, people had to move door-to-door marketing and trying to get a product sold. Since the advent of the internet, this tiring process was eliminated as marketers can leverage web technologies to promote products from wherever they are.

Affiliate marketing is an online-performance-based form of marketing where the affiliates are only paid commissions when a new customer uses their affiliate links. Affiliate marketing is highly practical for content creators and bloggers as they can create marketing content/ reviews about the products they are marketing on behalf of a seller and input their affiliate links in the content.

With this, people who buy with the links would get paid commissions for their services.

Pros of Affiliate Marketing

You doubtful if affiliate marketing is a good online making strategy/venture? check out the following reasons:

  •  It’s a low-cost investment- You may need a responsive website, a computer or smartphone and an internet connection to get started with affiliate marketing. If you are reading this post, it is more likely that the only thing that you may not have among these items is a website. Still, this not a reason not to engage in affiliate marketing as you can entirely build a working website with free content management systems
  • It is an easy mode of earning– As long as your affiliate links are somewhere accessible (preferably a website or blog), people will still use them even when you are not online. After properly setting up your affiliate links, and getting your content marketing strategies right. All you have to do is sit back and watch the rain of commissions.ement
  • It is highly profitable– As long as you have a ranking website or a good content promotion strategy, preferably one that is niche-specific, you can make a decent income with affiliate marketing.
  • Eliminates the need to own a product to earn money- With affiliate marketing, people who cannot afford the expensive production processes have a way of benefiting from the products’ profit. In fact, it feels good knowing that you are the force behind most of the sales a given company makes. 

How to get started with affiliate marketing Nigeria

Before we dive into the steps, here is what you need to have and do before getting into affiliate marketing:

  • A responsive and highly responsive website/Social media with large followership- Leverage the services of a reliable and affordable website builder for this
  • High-quality and niche-specific content- It is in this content that you will strategically add your affiliate links for people to click and probably purchase the product on getting to the seller’s site.
  • Invest in an email marketing service like MailChimp- This will help automate your communication with potential leads, thus increasing sales and website traffic.

How to  run successful affiliate marketing in Nigeria

  • Define your niche– Evaluate your expertise, passion and interests to know what products you can effectively and seamlessly promote. Example niches include fashion, technology, lifestyle, dieting and fitness.
  • Pick a good affiliate program (follow the tips given in the last section of this guide)
  • Set up your website/Socials- Here, you need to buy a domain name, web hosting and a reliable content management system such as WordPress.If you have a large social followership. you can skip the website and use your social media account.
  • Create highly content- Quality content is one that resonates well with the products you are promoting via your affiliate links. The content should also be very easy for the audience to understand.
  •  Build an audience- Use strategies such as SEO, social media and email marketing to get your website known and attract an interested audience to it.
  • Publish your content with the affiliate links, then market it- You can promote your marketing content by email campaigns, YouTube videos, infographics, illustrations, banners, product reviews, etc.

Best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria


Expertnaire is an online knowledge resource platform for in-demand digital products. It is one of Nigeria's highest paying affiliate programs. Payout could be as much as 30-80% of the product amount to the affiliate.

Konga (commission rate  up to 9%)

This is an online retail and E-commerce store and many Nigerians’ favourite for its versatility in the products they sell. With over 100,000 products, you can never get short of items to promote with this affiliate program. 

Jumia (commission rate  up to 11%)

This is the largest and most trusted eCommerce store in Nigeria. There are thousands of products to market here, meaning that the earning chances are limitless. Their affiliate program also pays the best commission to marketers in Nigeria. 

Sports Betting Affiliates

Bookmakers offer affiliate programs to affiliates to help bring in new users into their sports betting sites.

Bet9ja,Sportybet,betway and 1xbet are one of the sports affiliate programs in Nigeria.

Commissions can be up to 40% the profit shared by you and the bookmaker.

This commission can always be negotiated depend on the value you are giving the company.

Forex Affiliates

Forex industry requires knowledge and expertise to make a profit.

Getting users convince to leave a forex broker or even becoming a forex trader is no easy job.

Little wonder we have forex companies like OctaFx and Hotforex giving juicy commission to their affiliates.

OctaFx and Hot forex are the two most prominent forex brokers in Nigeria which have a reasonable affiliate program.

Tips for choosing a good affiliate marketing program in Nigeria

  • Choose an affiliate program that sells products and services that you can effectively and successively market online. Also, pick an affiliate program that offers products/ services that appeal to your audience.
  • Strike a deal with a marketing program that offers payment options supported in Nigeria and that is readily available to you.
  • Pick an affiliate marketing program that has a good reputation and that people trust. With this, you will not struggle to promote the products under your delegation.


Affiliate marketing is a great way of making money in Nigeria, considering that more and more firms, businesses and organizations are realizing the importance of using this form of marketing.

It would help if you took advantage of this earning opportunity as early as now when there is a high demand for online affiliate marketers. As long as you have a reliable affiliate marketing program and a working website, you can never go wrong with affiliate marketing. Use the knowledge provided in this guide to successfully run affiliate marketing in Nigeria and widen your money earning channels.

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