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With over 1 billion active users globally, TikTok has rapidly become one of the most popular social media sites. As a result, businesses of all sizes are attempting to capitalize on this trend by creating compelling, viral TikTok ads.

However, creating a successful TikTok ad campaign can be difficult since it necessitates a thorough understanding of the platform’s algorithms and user behaviour. To assist businesses in navigating this complicated market, we’ve compiled a list of the best 7 TikTok ads spy tools that can help you in researching your competitors, optimizing your ad content, and tracking the success of your ads. Having said that, let’s dive right in.

These are the top 7 best TikTok ads spy tools available. Now let’s take a look at how they work, their pricing and what makes them stand out.

1. PiPiAds

The first software on our list is PiPiAds. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this software is the first on this list as several research has been conducted and PiPiAds has proven to be the best TikTok ads spy tool on the web. PiPiAds is an ad spying tool that can be used to track trending products that are gaining traffic, what profitable ads are currently running as well as their performance, viral products and lots more.

PiPiads allows you to run creative ads, monitor them, and spy on your rivals’ ad campaigns and strategies so you can understand how people in the business do it. You will not have to worry about figuring out what to do from scratch.

Aside from relieving the stress, spying on your competitors’ ads allows you to see what they are doing wrong and benefit from those flaws. You can check their data like the views, likes, and percentage performance as well as the duration of their advertisements.

More importantly, PiPiads provides excellent ad content that can be used as a template for running your TikTok ads. It also keeps you up to date on the current advertising trends and information, as well as guides you through the niche selection process for your eCommerce business.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Detailed Ads analysis
  • Quality Ads material
  • Access Shopify spy tool
  • Etsy Store
  • TikTok ad library to choose from millions of tiktok ads examples


  • Limited Free Access


    • Free Plan: $0 per month(limited features)
    • Starter Plan: $77 per month
    • VIP Plan: $155 per month
    • Pro Plan: $263 per month

2. Minea

Minea is a product search tool that assists you in locating and selecting the best products for your eCommerce or dropshipping business. Minea analyzes all the major social media channels to discover which products are most searched for and consequently proposes them to you.

It does not just display the items and label them as the best. Rather, it gives relevant statistics to demonstrate how successful the items are. Minea is also an ad spying software. Meaning, it spies on rivals’ advertisements and discloses all of the marketing methods they employ to ensure their success.

Aside from the methods used, it will also reveal the outcomes of those strategies. One of the best features of this software is that it also has a chrome extension available to make your work effortless and faster.


  • up-to-date with the latest products
  • It is affordable compared to other Adspy tools
  • Chrome extension available
  • Timely access to latest winning products
  • Shop analysis


  • Only available for one user


Minea has 3 pricing packages however the TikTok ad spy can only be found in their premium plan.

  • Minea Premium plan: 99€ per month

3. BigSpy

The next software on our list is Bigspy. BigSpy is one of the best TikTok ads spy tools available in the market. Aside from spying ads on TikTok, you can also use it for other platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. The platform includes a massive database of varied advertisements. Rumors have it that the Adspy platform has the largest ad database.

Bigspy allows you to track and evaluate your competitors’ ad traffic and conversion rate, as well as other information that will help you kick-start your marketing campaign. Bigsby covers a wide range of specialities, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it on Bigsby. You can also narrow down your search results by country, language, platform, and device type to get efficient results. One of the main benefits of Big Spy is that it gives limitless bandwidth and services in over 80 countries and 23 languages.


Bigspy has 3 plans however, the TikTok ad spy is only available in the VIP plan which costs $3600 per year.


  • Spy on TikTok ads in 80 countries and 25+ languages
  • Spy ads in over 7+ platforms
  • Massive database
  • Unlimited featured Ads
  • Marketing Intelligence


  • Quite pricey
  • Limited free access

4. DropiSpy

Dropispy is one of the best TikTok ads spy tools, with a vast database of ads specially made for dropshippers and online stores. Its powerful technology provides you with access to hundreds of ads and allows you to swiftly filter them so you can easily locate winning ads, uncover successful dropshipping products, or figure out winning dropshipping niches. Dropispy allows you to spy on other dropshipping businesses in order to observe all of their active adverts, items, rankings, applications, daily page visits, and more. Dropispy also offers many advanced filters, such as keyword search, ad creation date, media type, page name, audience nations, language likes, shares, and comments, to help you quickly add or delete ads that don’t meet your requirements.


  • Free plan: $0 with limited features
  • Premium plan: $29.90 per month
  • Business plan: $249.90 per month


  • User-friendly interface
  • Detailed Analysis of ads and products
  • Wide variety of winning products
  • Very affordable plans
  • Good customer support


  • The Chrome extension is only available for Google Chrome
  • There’s no option to import the products to your own eCommerce store.

5. Anstrex

Anstrex is another amazing ads spying tool available on the web that can be used to keep an eye on your competitors’ ads strategy giving you a cheet sheet on how to go about setting up your ad campaign. This tool is an excellent research tool for finding profitable dropship products and marketing strategies. Knowing what your competitors are doing is important to staying ahead of the competition. When you know what works for your competitors, you don’t have to spend as much time experimenting with your own advertisements. You can easily adapt their technique and achieve fast results. Additionally, Anstrex provides four types of spying tools: pops, natives, push notifications, and dropshipping. Each tool has its own set of features and functions that make it important for every internet business. So, if yours falls into any of these categories, you might want to take actions now with Anstrex.


  • Solo Plan: $69.99 per month
  • Bundle and Save: $139.99 per month
  • Ultimate Combo & Savings: $219.99 per month


  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced Boolean Searching
  • Speedy In-Line Editing
  • Keyword search


  • The plans are quite expensive

6. TikTok Ad Libary

The TikTok Ad library is a unique tool for ad spying on the TikTok app. It is suitable for people who manage e-commerce businesses and want to run TikTok ads. The TikTok Ad library allows you to track trending ads and trending hashtags that you can use to enhance the viewing rate on your ads. You also get to view other ad creators and the ads they create, which can help you learn a thing or two about how they are winning the market. The TikTok Ad collection also has a filtering option, allowing you to browse through the available ads by Region, Ad type, Niche, Click through rate, View rate, Unique Impressions, and so on for free. Another intriguing aspect about this tool is that the TikTok ad library hosts a weekly series in which they educate users on different topics that will aid in their marketing techniques and the best strategies to utilize the platform.


The The TikTok Ad library is completely free.


  • It’s 100% free
  • Unlimited daily search
  • Sort based on region, CTRs, etc.
  • Get Ads insights/ideas


  • Limited featured ads

7. PowerAdSpy

Poweradspy is yet another user-friendly TikTok ads spy tool that use artificial intelligence to assist users in tracking and analyzing rivals’ online advertising activities. Poweradspy focuses only on the PPC advertising industry and is designed to assist users in finding successful ad campaigns of competitors, analyzing their effectiveness, and using the knowledge to enhance their own targeting and ad copy. Poweradspy provides customers with a variety of features and tools to assist them in tracking and analyzing their advertising campaigns, as well as improving their overall performance. Poweradspy also has a powerful filter for searching ads depending on positioning factors such as news feed, click through rate, Impressions, and so on. It also provides you with total visibility into your competitors’ ads. Such that, it connects you directly to the live ad, allowing you to view it and examine the real-time interaction and other critical statistics.


  • Basic Plan: $24.50 per month.
  • Standard Plan: $49.50 per month.
  • Premium Plan: $74.50 per month.
  • Platinum Plan: $124.50 per month.
  • Titanium Plan: $149.50 per month.
  • Palladium Plan: $174.50 per month.


  • Provides Real-time data
  • Chrome extension available
  • Advanced filters
  • Multiple niches options
  • Free version available


  • Does not display competitor’s rank
  • Limited features in the free version


How do I Spy on TikTok Ads?

To spy on TikTok ads, you will need TikTok ads spying tools such as PiPiAds, PowerAdsSpy, BigSpy, DropiSpy, and the likes.

What is the Best TikTok Ad Spying Tool?

Our pick on the best TikTok ads spying tools is PiPiAds. However, you can try out a few ads spying tools listed above and stick to the one that best works for your needs.


Ad spy tools are certainly a significant asset for online businesses trying to stay on top of their competitors, get information on their ad strategy, and discover the best advertising chances. However, without the correct ad spying tool, your efforts to successfully spy on your competitors’ ads would falter. The TikTok ads spying tools discussed in this post have been tested and confirmed to provide excellent results over time, so if you are into dropshipping or eCommerce, do your business a favor and try one of them out. Cheers to your success.

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