As a YouTuber, the end goal is to grow your YouTube channel, get more followers and monetize your channel.

While this process requires a lot of stress, there are certain tools that can help speed up the process – Vidiq, and Tubebuddy being a part of them.

Vidiq and Tubebuddy are both amazing tools that can help you manage your YouTube channel without much hassle. But when settling for just one of them, which would it be?

In this article, I  would be comparing Vidiq to Tubebuddy with their features to see which is the better tool to manage your YouTube channel so stay connected.

Vidiq vs Tubebuddy

TubeBuddy is a reliable browser extension, that adds capabilities to YouTube’s website. This software offers channel optimization tools, video SEO, keyword research, tag management, analytics, productivity, bulk processing, marketing, and other services.

VidIQ on the other hand provides an AI-powered tool to assist creators and marketers in growing their channels and brand awareness.

Its Chrome browser extension offers video scoring, video SEO, keyword research, tag management, analytics, and more.

Competitive Analysis

TubeBuddy and VidIQ offer analytics via browser extensions and online applications. The information is obtained straight from YouTube Studio and Google. Here are some of the key qualities that distinguish them.

YouTube SEO and Keywords


VidIQ offers many YouTube SEO tools, including a video optimization checklist and SEO score. These programs look for things like keyword use in video tags and descriptions, among other things.

The keyword tool collection in VidIQ reveals the user’s search intent. This assists you in determining what content to generate. The VidIQ boost tool finds a number of suitable search phrases for you.

Additionally, popular videos for the term you specified are displayed. When you make a YouTube search, VidIQ provides the keyword score of the sought phrase, segmenting it into competitiveness and search volume.

Other data include the most views, the average number of subscribers, and the average number of views.


TubeBuddy has a special section with over 15 tools for video SEO. TubeBuddy’s upload package includes the Keyword Explorer. It’s an essential tool for growing your YouTube channels and generating views.

And it is quite useful in selecting which keywords to employ for your content. Insta-suggest and tag lists are also useful for keyword research and tracking your YouTube SEO efforts.

Furthermore, its Keyword Ranking Tracker allows you to monitor your videos’ YouTube and Google search ranks. You can also connect with a bigger audience by translating your titles and descriptions into other languages using the auto translator.

After utilizing Keyword Explorer, you can utilize SEO Studio to select the best keyword. You will be able to write titles, tags, and descriptions optimized for your chosen keyword with the help of this specific tool.

Browser Extensions


The Scorecard tab in VidIQ provides a high-level overview of how your own video is performing , as well as other videos,Views, subscribers, and watch time are also highlighted in the overview and channel sections.

Its SEO score indicates how likely your video is to appear in search results and similar videos. A separate real-time statistics bar displays views for various time periods.

The historical tab displays a timeline of how a video has performed since it was first uploaded. The Channel Audit feature, located on the left side of a YouTube page, displays your month-over-month views, subscribers, and viewing time percentages.

It recommends certain films to “double down on” based on views per hour and new subscribers. It also reveals prominent search phrases and videos that require improvement.


TubeBuddy, on the other hand, provides extensive statistics for users’ channels and videos. Its Channelytics function shows real-time numbers, views, and uploads for every channel for the previous 30 days.

You can also compare your channel to others and see what tags they use. Videolytics delivers detailed information about videos. Total views, comments, performance, search optimization, tags, and social media analytics are all highlighted.

Bulk Processing Tools


VidIQ’s Productivity Tools only provide a few bulk processing choices. It allows you to mass modify and duplicate cards and end screens. You can also export all of your information to a spreadsheet and download it all as a backup. However, you cannot make mass changes to metadata, playlists, thumbnails, or descriptions in VidIQ.


YouTube cards, in addition to directing viewers to URLs, can help make videos more interactive. You can add all of those cards at once by using TubeBuddy’s Bulk Copy Cards tool. Bulk Find, Replace, and Append is a fantastic tool for deleting video descriptions and titles from past events and adding them to new ones. You can use it to swiftly update or replace all titles, tags, and descriptions across a huge number of videos. You can also use this program to replace obsolete URLs in bulk. At the same time, remove any present references if you plan to connect the videos to a new website.

Comment Management

TubeBuddy has six tools to help you manage viewer comments.

  • Canned responses allow you to create prewritten messages to use frequently, for example, “Great comment!” I will look into this.”
  • Comment filters enable you to manage large amounts of comments with advanced filtering options.
  • Comment spotlight helps you to identify comments from your Patreon supporters and recent subscribers.
  • Notification commenting allows you to reply to comments directly from the YouTube notification window.
  • The comment word cloud gives you a visual representation of what people are saying about your videos.
  • Export video comments to a CSV file to manage.

VidIQ’s comment templates are equivalent to TubeBuddy’s canned responses. That is the only comment feature it has.

Tag Management


VidIQ will propose and rank tags for you to utilize when you upload a video. It displays the tags used for each video and allows users to copy the terms to use for their own videos. Bulk SEO and channel-wide tags target high-ranking keywords for use across several videos. Finally, to save time, you can develop a keyword template for frequently used terms.


TubeBuddy will propose and rank tags for you to use when you post a video. Videolytics displays the tags that are used for each video and these phrases may be copied and pasted into your videos. Create lists for easy access to frequently used tags to improve efficiency. Its tag sorter lets you drag, auto-sort by rank, and reorganize words.

Thumbnail Generation

Both programs allow users to create thumbnails and store templates for further usage. TubeBuddy allows you reate professional-looking thumbnails from your videos, select a backdrop, insert text or designs, preview, and publish. VidIQ, on the other hand, provides much of the same functionality, including a custom thumbnail editor that allows you to add text, shapes, and photos.

Customer Support

VidIQ’s help center offers any video tutorial you can think of and up-to-date articles. TubeBuddy has a comprehensive support page and an official TubeBuddy YouTube channel.

Monetization and Sponsorship

Both products allow for monetization and sponsorship. VidIQ’s monetize page gives you information on your estimated profits, the channels you are affiliated with, and so forth. TubeBuddy’s monetization option, on the other hand, is rather straightforward. It just shows your money from advertisements and sponsorships on your videos.

Affiliate Programs

Another great method to make money online is through affiliate marketing. And both VidIQ and TubeBuddy offer fantastic affiliate programs. As a VidIQ affiliate, you can earn up to 25% commission. As a TubeBuddy affiliate, you may earn up to 30%. They both administer their programs in-house utilizing proprietary affiliate marketing software, and commissions are paid via PayPal.


By default, you will receive 15% of purchases, but as more sales are made, that percentage will increase to 20% and 25%.


You earn up to 30% recurring from TubeBuddy as long the people you refer remain paying customers.

Plans & Pricing


VidIQ has four plans, including Basic, Pro, Boost, and Boost+. Their pricing are as follows;

  • Basic Plan: $0 per month
  • Pro Plan: $7.50 per month
  • Boost Plan: $39 per month
  • Boost+ Plan: $415 per month


TubeBuddy offers five subscription plans: Free, Pro, Star, Legend, and Enterprise. There are coupons and savings available for yearly billing, numerous channels, and charity organizations. The Pro plan, for example, costs $9 per month but may be as little as $2.80 with a discount.

  • Free Plan: $0 per month
  • Pro Plan: $9 per month
  • Star Plan: $19 per month
  • Legend Plan: $49 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact the customer service for info

Other Cool Features


  • TCount and share your subscriptions, views, uploads, likes, hours viewed, and comments.
  • Using “description campaigns,” you can promote one of your videos in the descriptions of all your other videos.
  • Daily Ideas recommends the most relevant creative possibilities for your channel based on artificial intelligence. Suggestions are updated daily.


  • Schedule videos to be hidden and removed from playlists.
  • Get suggestions for channel growth based on video performance and analytics (Opportunity Finder).
  • Use card and end-screen templates.
  • Add professionally transcribed captions to your videos.
  • Create multiple default upload profiles for each type of video you make.
  • Manage and get ideas for future video topics.
  • Get a breakdown of languages spoken by your channel’s audience.
  • Translate titles, descriptions, and tags into other languages to increase your global viewership.
  • Promote one of your videos in the descriptions of all your other videos.

VidiQ & Tubebuddy’s Alternatives

TubeBuddy and VidIQ have a stronghold on the YouTube channel management app industry, with minimal competition, but there are a few of alternatives we can consider like; Social Blade is a public database that displays user statistics for a variety of social media sites such as YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and others. It’s a great site for competitive information, but there’s not much else. Tubics has only 10 features, which include competition analysis, video ideation, SEO, and reporting. However, it is aimed for marketing managers and agencies rather than YouTubers. Pricing begins at $100 or more per month.


TubeBuddy and VidIQ are great tools for growing, managing, and monetizing your YouTube channel.

However, TubeBuddy has more features and better pricing than VidIQ. Except for channel/video analytics and demonetization management, TubeBuddy outperforms or ties VidIQ in every key feature area.

Tubebuddy is both cost-effective and secure for your channel. As a result, I recommend TubeBuddy to help you develop your channel, gain more views and subscribers, optimize your content, and beat your competition.

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