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Before delving into the main Kartra review, it is imperative to share with you a brief history of how the firm came into existence and what it currently stands for in the industry.

Who Owns Kartra?

Well, Kartra was launched by two renowned online marketers – Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins back in 2018.

The founders are no novice to the internet marketing world as they have Launched successful projects in times past. This includes the popular webinar hosting software; WebinarJam and EverWebinar, which are used for live casting, event streaming, webinar broadcasting, and other related services.

Ever since Kartra was introduced to the market, it has grown to become one of the leading all-in-one online marketing tools and has gained wide acceptability by different business entities across the world.

With that being said,

  • Are you looking for a comprehensive all-in-one platform to scale your business to the next level?
  • Do you intend registering an account with Kartra soon?
  • Would you like to know the distinctive features of this online platform?
  • How about their plans and pricing structure?

If you just said ‘yes’ to any of the above questions,

This article is Just for you.

What Is Kartra?

Kartra is an all-inclusive online marketing platform and sales funnel creation tool that blends all the crucial tools needed to run a successful marketing campaign and turn your product to real cash – all in a single platform.

Still don’t get it?

This is how Kartra works…

Assuming you want to promote your product as a marketer, remember that you will need certain tools and software such as auto-responder, website builder, Helpdesk software, working payment gateway, etc.?

All of these, when combined together, will cost you a whole lot of money and other resources, less talk of the headache you will undergo during the course of setting them in order.

This is where Kartra comes in,

All the tools you need to promote your product and make real cash are integrated into one single platform, and that is KARTRA!

It consists of a wide variety of tools to scale your business to the next level, ranging from Website Hosting, Webinars, Video hosting, Email Autoresponder, Drag and Drop landing page software, Split-testing, Affiliate Management system, Cart checkouts, to name but a few.

Top Kartra Features

Kartra boasts of a wide number of features, but we’ll only discuss the more crucial ones in this review:

Professional Landing Page Builder and Editor

A landing page builder is one of the essential features to consider before patronizing any online marketing software provider.

On the plus side, Kartra provides the modern ‘drag and drop’ landing page builder alongside a wide array of unique pre-made templates which you can use for your blog feed, checkout, sales page, squeeze page, among others.

That said, it will interest you to know that editing text, customizing styles, and swapping out pictures are pretty easy on each template. They are also well optimized and conversion-friendly.

What more? There are several instructional videos you can leverage on to build your own page[s] and increase your earning potentials.

Ready-Built Campaigns

Kartra sports a good number of internet marketing campaigns – all of which are designed by Frank Kern, one of the vibrant leaders in the marketing field. You can use this campaign for your sales pages, checkout. upsell as well as down-sell.

Basically, there are two major ways to create a campaign at Kartra. Either you create it from scratch or you make use of any of the preloaded - done for you campaign on the platform. What makes it more interesting is the fact that the Kartra’s drag and drop sequence builder lets you automate your email sequences and add more customers to your subscription lists.

This singular decision can help boost your conversions by a significant margin.

If you have little or no knowledge about campaigns, you can easily opt for any of the end-to-end “done for you” campaign templates created by Frank Kern and some other world-class marketers. This allows you to set your product name, the preferred pricing structure, and tweak some other settings in just a matter of minutes or thereabouts.

There are myriads of marketing campaigns you can opt for if you choose to go for the “done for you”. They include but not limited to the below:

Marketing campaign

How it works

Membership System Campaign

It drives traffic to the opt-in page and walk them through a pool of email sequence, to video sales letter page, and lastly to the thank you page. After the whole process, they will automatically receive their login details via their individual emails. You can leverage on this by upselling them in the membership section to upgrade to a premium account.

Consulting campaign

It directs cold traffic to a reservation page to view a presentation. They will automatically get opted into your list immediately they are done registering. After that, the list will further redirect them to watch the presentation and add them to a reminder sequence with very little time to book a consultation call. All those who book the consultation will then be added to the calendar and eventually get redirected to the thank you page.

Free membership campaign

It drives traffic to the membership area and allows you to enlighten potential clients on what they tend to benefit after joining your membership platform. They will automatically gain direct access to the free level immediately they are done with the registration, after which you can convince them to upgrade to premium level for better, valuable contents.

Master class campaign

Enter yourIt drives traffic to a signup page where they will register for a particular presentation, after which you can add them to your reminder list. After that, they will be redirected to the video presentation courtesy of the reminder and then a call-to-action button will pop underneath the video for the potential clients to take quick action. Once they take action, they will then be redirected to the check-out page to purchase your product. For those who do not make a buy decision, they will be reminded repeatedly and be redirected to your checkout page until they finally make a purchase.

E-Shop Campaign

It gives you ample opportunity to sell a wide variety of products from a single page. It also features email sequences that let you monitor your visitors and customers.

Quick launch campaign

It drives traffic to an opt-in page, after which they will be walked through a 3-day educational sequence about the product you are selling. The sequence will keep recurring to those who refuse to make a purchase until they eventually buy. As time goes on, the sequence will get more intense such that countdown timer will be introduced.

Simple list builder campaign

It helps in collecting email and leads, after which they will be directed to your website through the 3days campaign sequence. This campaign is typically ideal if your motive is to quickly build your email list.


Course and Membership Platform

Just like many of its counterparts, Kartra has a built-in, drag and drop builder which allows you to build a dedicated membership portal where you can easily host your digital content [courses, products, eBooks, services, etc.] and grant your customers restricted access, based on their current subscription levels.

On the plus side, this membership platform is pretty simple to set up as the right calibres of tools you need are readily available. As a beginner, you can leverage on the built-in wizard to build and manage your own site.

That’s not all; it might interest you to know that Kartra’s membership gateway also has a progress tracking feature which helps in boosting patronage levels. To start with, there is a progress bar that can show your audience the exact actions they have taken and the ones they are yet to take.

Again, you can as well choose to display a completion badge to every user once they have successfully completed all the procedures required of them. This might in turn help give your marketing efforts a huge boost.

With that being said, it is equally important to state that Kartra allows you to accept payment from your potential customers should in case they want to upgrade to a better plan. All you need do is to set up the payment gateway right from your site dashboard and you are good to go.

Perhaps you prefer other membership platforms to the one offered by Kartra, below is some third party platforms to consider –

Kajabi , aMember , Wishlist, S2Member  and  OptimizePress. This comes with extra cost.

Kartra Video

You need nothing to worry about if your product type warrants you uploading video content. This is intrinsic because Kartra has a marketing-oriented video hosting platform where you can easily upload and showcase your video to your customer for increased visibility and patronage.

The interesting part is that this platform allows you to upload and embed your videos on your timeline, coupled with the fact that you can also:

  • See the actual videos your customers watched.
  • Add calls to action to any part of your video.
  • Arrange your video files into relevant playlists.
  • Embed pop-up message in each video to garner leads while people are viewing.
  • Get a total breakdown of how your audience interacted with each of your videos.

For instance, you can know the exact number of viewers per video, the actual number of people who responded to the call-to-action [CTA] in each video, and lots more.

That said, the major drawback of Kartra video hosting is that there’s a restriction on the size/amount of videos you can upload monthly.

For instance, the most expensive plan [Platinum Plan] gives you up to 400GB per month, while other plans like Gold, Silver, and the least expensive [Starter Plan] provide 250GB, 125GB, and 50GB respectively.

We shall discuss more about this at the cost and pricing section.

Affiliate Management

Affiliate management system is among the key features offered by prominent sales funnels tools and marketing platforms out there. The great news is that Karta is not left behind. This site provides a dedicated integrated affiliate system that lets you garner marketers to promote your products, services, courses, etc. in exchange for a stipulated commission.

The advantage of having a working Affiliate management system is the fact that you will not pay a dime to your marketers unless they have been able to successfully sell your product, unlike other promotional methods like adverts which maximum conversion is not guaranteed.

What more? Kartra provides its user with a large marketplace where they can list the products they want their affiliates to promote to potential customers while the platform also allows you to pay your marketers using trusted payment platforms, including Stripe, Paypal, among others.

That said, it will please you to know that through Kartra affiliate system, you can create/design a sign-up page for your affiliates, configure landing pages for your marketers, choose payment methods, create a unique email list for your affiliates, and lots more.


Kartra Mail

This is among the selling points of Kartra. Kartra’s mailing system, also known as ‘Kartra Mail’ comes with a wide range of pre-made email templates, which can help boost your awareness and sales levels.

There are several reasons you may want to consider using Kartra mail. Part of it is the fact that it sports an inbuilt automation capability, meaning that you can easily compose and send customized responses to your customers, depending on their actions.

Another impressive reason is that this mailing system offers an automation workflow builder which allows you to add or remove certain tags once a link has been clicked, automatically send a follow-up message after taking a particular action. You can as well choose to add or remove any of your users from a sequence – all with ease.

Additionally, it is crucial to let you know that Kartra mail is somewhat versatile such that you can use it to build a list, import your users, send regular broadcasts to your subscribers, design email templates, to name but a few.

Again, if you are so keen about mail deliverability then Kartra might be a good option for you. This is because your broadcasts and mails will be delivered directly into your subscribers’ inboxes, and not inside their spam or promotion folder.

Although ClickFunnels, a close competitor offers this feature, you can get it only on their priciest plan [Etison] while it is available free of charge on every plan offered by Kartra – including the cheapest, startup plan.

Below are some third-party email service providers you can integrate with should in case you don’t like the Kartra email marketing system –

  • ElasticEmail
  • Postmark
  • MailGun
  • SendGrid, etc.


Kartra Helpdesk

This is yet another intriguing feature you will find on Kartra. In fact, this tool can help boost your business to a significant extent as it gives you an ample opportunity to better understand and satisfy your customers, without the aid of any third-party system or tool.

To start with, Kartra Help Desk feature allows you to address pressing problems that your customers might be faced with, ranging from issues related with billing support, technicality, payment and refunds, etc.

In addition to that, you can also use this built-in tool to:

  • Create a FAQ page for providing answers to commonly asked questions.
  • Offer a reply system such as live ticketing, live chat, and emailing for instant support or guidance.
  • Establish a Knowledge Base Management System.
  • Provide instant support or guidance for each customer whenever the need arises.

Kartra Customer Support

Being a relatively new company (less than 2 years in the industry), the customer support offered at Kartra could be considered good.

The platform provides its users with a typical ticket system as well as a dedicated ‘Question & Answer’ section where customers can easily get answers to a certain set of questions regarding the company and its offerings.

That said, it is equally worthy to state that quite a number of their support team members are knowledgeable, polite coupled with the fact that they respond to clients in a friendly manner.


Pros & Cons of Kartra

The plain truth is that there’s no ‘good’ product without its ‘bad’ side, which is the major reason we drafted this section.

Below are some reasons you may want to consider Kartra:


  • Easy-to-start for a complete beginner.
  • Myriads of Funnel templates, built by world-class marketers.
  • Ready-Built Campaigns with gorgeous templates.
  • Supports dedicated Affiliate system for promoting your products, services, courses, etc.
  • 30Days Money-back Guarantee.


  • Live chat support might be unavailable at times.
  • Its is pricey for a beginner.
  • Doesn’t come with an inbuilt webinar platform.
  • Slow Support customer.

Kartra  Pricing Summary

Below is a breakdown of Kartra plans and their costs per month.

#1: The starter plan ($99)

Starter Plan, as the name suggests is the basic and cheapest Kartra plan. It costs $99 a month (or $79 per month if you opt for annual billing).

This plan has a lot of restrictions since it is basically targeted at beginners and small businesses that are at the earliest stage of building their email lists. To start with, you are restricted to only 2,500 Leads or Contacts, 1 custom domain, 15,000 emails per month, 50 GB bandwidth monthly, 10 products, 2 membership sites, 1 additional team member, and 2 helpdesk portals.

As earlier stated, the starter plan costs the sum of $99 a month. However, you will enjoy a 25% discount if you decide to pay annually. This means you will be charged just $79 per month and save $240 per year.


#2: Silver plan ($199)

The silver plan is an upgrade of the basic plan, majorly in terms of a number of emails, bandwidth, website, and pages.

With just $199/month (or $149 per month if you opt for annual billing), you will gain access to up to 12,500 leads, 125,000 emails/month, 125GB bandwidth, 3 websites, unlimited pages, unlimited products, unlimited membership sites, unlimited team members, and unlimited helpdesk.

Again, you will be provided with Kartra Agency, a feature that lets you manage, track and login to multiple clients accounts with ease. Part of the advantages of this feature is that you can easily get an overview of the performance of each client without you having to log in one after the other.


#3: Gold plan ($299)

The gold plan is charged $299 monthly (or $249/month for annual billing) with an increased lead capacity, bandwidth, emails, pages, custom domains, and many others.

With this plan, you will get up to 25,000 Leads, connect as many as 5 custom domains, send up to 250,000 emails every month, use up to 250 GB bandwidth monthly. You will also get Unlimited pages, products, membership sites, team members, and helpdesk.

Just like silver plan, this plan comes with Kartra Agency, meaning that you will be able to manage multiple client accounts at one click.


#4: Platinum plan ($399)

Platinum is currently the most expensive and the largest Kartra’s plan. You will be charged $399 monthly (or $379per month when billed annually).

With this plan, you will be able to garner as many as 50,000 Leads, connect up to 10 custom domains, send about 500,000 emails monthly, use up to 400 GB bandwidth monthly, while you will also get unlimited pages, products, membership sites, team members and unlimited helpdesks.

That said, it is equally important to let you know that the platinum plan comes with ‘Kartra Agency’ as featured in gold and silver plan for better client accounts management.


#5: Enterprise plan (Contact Support)

This is a custom plan for larger businesses. It offers the largest email size, custom domains, leads, bandwidth and lots more. Kindly contact Kartra customer support for further information.

Finally on this segment…, all the plans offered by Kartra come with a 30-Day guarantee should in case you want a refund, as well as a $1 trial for 14-Day Trial Period to test their services.

Expert tip: Before subscribing to any of the above-listed plans, be sure to go for only a plan that best matches your current need, in terms of cost, the actual size of your contact lists, products, and other related factors.

Faq About  kartra

Who is Katra for?

Can i build a website with Kartra?

What does Kartra replace?

How secured is Kartra?

Can I use Kartra with WordPress?

Do I need coding skills to use Kartra?

Kartra Alternatives?

Yes. The sales funnel and all-in-one marketing tool isn’t monopolistic as there are some other firms offering almost the same services with Kartra. Below are a few alternatives to Kartra:

Wrap up

Kartra is a powerful page and sales funnel creation tool designed with the user in mind. All the necessary tools and features you need to create and grow your page/funnel are readily available.

This includes but not limited to drag and drop page builder, Email marketing tool, Analytics tool, Membership platform, Affiliate management system, Helpdesk tool, Unique Marketing template, and the host of others.

That said, if you are looking for a relatively cost-effective all-in-one marketing tool, Kartra might not be an ideal option for you as it is a bit pricier than many other alternatives in the industry. The basic plan goes for $99 per month.

However, it is equally worthy to state that the pricing structure is somewhat reasonable, especially when considering the type and quality of services you get. Another thing is that you really have nothing to lose since there is a 30-Day money-back guarantee and 14-Day free trial for just a dollar!

Do you have any question or review about Kartra review?

Please comment now via the comment box

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