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If you’ve heard about Builderall but still don’t understand exactly what it’s about, read on to the end as this builderall review will serve as a complete guide so you can better understand why the company has generated so much traction since its launch in 2017.

With each passing year the company has been growing and reaching impressive numbers.

Some even say that Builderall has been promoting a great revolution in the way of working with the internet , causing profound changes, especially in the affiliate markets and online sales.

By 2020, the company has reached over 60,000 active users worldwide, nearly 1,000 leveraged affiliates and ambassadors, and 400 franchisees.

You may already know that marketing has changed a lot in recent years.

But do you know how to get along and profit from all these changes?


“Wanting to have an online business and earn money on the internet without knowing Digital Marketing is like wanting to be a teacher without knowing how to read”, this is what Gary Vee, owner of one of the largest advertising agencies on the planet, says.

The good news is that Digital Marketing isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

Even more so new tools emerge every day to help us work better.

This is the case of Builderall, a company that has stood out in the international market for years and is increasingly conquering the market.

Erick Salgado the owner of builderall is from São Paulo, but has lived in the US for over 10 years and has worked with the internet since 2005.

Marketing has been changing so much, particularly after the emergence of the internet, that we had to create a new category to be able to encompass everything that emerged in the last two decades.

Today, a company that does not have its own website, a social media page, and email or Whatsapp service practically does not exist from the consumer’s point of view and is unfortunately doomed to failure.

Even bakeries have a website and a Facebook page!

With this new reality, companies have emerged that make our lives easier when it comes to managing all of this.

And it is in this scenario that Builderall arises, a marketing platform that helps entrepreneurs create and manage their entire digital presence with practicality.

Builderall – what is it anyway?

Builderall is an online platform with dozens of tools that help entrepreneurs to create and work on the Internet.

In it, you will find everything from website and blog builders, to a tool to trigger email marketing and bulk Whatsapp messages.

Altogether, there are more than 20 digital marketing services with the aim of boosting the reach, audience, and authority of entrepreneurs in the online environment.

All this is within a single dashboard, facilitating user organization and management.

The platform is therefore a marketing automation software, helping entrepreneurs to create and, as the name says, automate commercial and marketing activities, making this whole process much less labor-intensive.

Using Builderall you can build sites and capture pages, create an email marketing sequence, edit videos, and much more.

Inside the platform, right away you notice that it is composed of several tools that have different functionalities.

Builderall Dashboard | General Analysis

Below is a list with some examples of the tools available within Builderall:


  •  Pixel Perfect Site Builder
  •  Cheetah Drag N Drop Website Builder
  • Builderall Canvas
  • eCommerce
  • WordPress 3 click integration
  • Builderall Webinar Builder
  • eLearning
  • App Builder
  • Mailing boss
  • Professional E-mails


  • Professional Messenger ChatBot
  • Share Locker
  • Social Proof Popup
  • Sitebot
  • Autopost
  • Browser Notifications app
  • Instagram Autoresponder
  • BuilderallZap
  • SMS Messaging
  • CRM
  • Script Generator


  • Digital Magazine Creator
  • Mockup Studio
  • 3D Photo Editor Studio
  • Animated VSL Video Builder
  • Floating Videos
  • Presentation Studio
  • Video Wrapper

Digital marketing software or marketing automation simplify work online as they allow to drive visitors to a site as best as possible, automating and making better interaction with customers/leads with the management of the shares.

Sounds a little complicated, doesn’t it?

In fact, it’s a little bit, but that’s exactly why marketing automation platforms exist.

The available tools have several features, including:

  •  Websites with Unlimited Pages and Subdomains.
  • Triggering mass messages via WhatsApp and Telegram.
  • E-commerce and Market Place.
  • Unlimited Professional Email Marketing
  • Professional Webinar Platform.
  • ChatBots and Custom SiteBots
  • Builderall Tools and Applications
  • Leveraged Affiliate System
  • Builderall Business Community

Imagine having to hire each tool individually and integrate it with your website.

That is work and money!

Builderall, therefore, works as a package of tools that will help you build, create and manage all your online presence and communication.

Most of the tools are already pre-configured. it has dozens of pre-made templates and the pages are easy to create. It’s a system you only need to set up once, and it will work for you all day long.

That’s why marketing automation platforms, as they are called, have been gaining considerable space in the market since 2015 and despite being a still new market, it already moves tens of billions of dollars a year.

According to a report by UOL and data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), carried out by the consulting firm PWC, digital advertising revenue in the United States reached 125 billion dollars in 2019.

The Builderall platform started in  2017 and has even been clashing with international players.

Main Tools

Inside your virtual office, you’ll have dozens of digital marketing tools at your disposal and you’ll be able to install and uninstall them according to your preference and need.

Builder all ‘s main tools are:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
It is the tool to manage and organize your customers and businesses by classifying them into steps and funnel tags.

Mockup Studio
It is a tool to easily create gifs and images to be posted on social media or embedded in your own website.

Nugget Maker
Excellent tool to edit and customize short videos to be posted on Facebook or Instagram.

E-commerce Builder
It is the solution for creating your own virtual store using Magento technology, the number 1 technology in the world for e-commerce.

Virtual Assistant
Allows you to provide access to your account to assistants and employees through a digital key.

WordPress Integration
It is the tool to integrate your website using WordPress technology and hosting in Builderall.

Floating Videos
A very good tool to draw visitors’ attention to your website.

Studio photo
It is a very useful tool for editing and creating photos, images, and graphics.

Pixel Perfect Builder
Professional Blog and Website Builder from builderall.

Mailingboss Auto Responder
It is the famous sequential email marketing and automation trigger tool.

App Builder
Lets you develop your own professional app and make it available on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Allows the creation and management of interactive video lessons with streaming and screen recording options.

Special Training
Within the platform, you will have access to various training courses on digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

Cheetah Builder
Website consultant recently launched by Builderall with the same ease Drag and Drop Pixel perfect but with a new responsive, light, and innovative technology, which works on any device whether mobile, tablet, or desktop with extremely fast loading.

Auto Post
It is a powerful tool for managing multiple social networks in a single dashboard.

Builderall Canvas
It is an amazing sales funnel creator for you to create a following and flow of sales pages.

It is a tool that allows you to create a restricted members area for publishing online courses and classes, for example.

SEO Analysis (Search Engine Optimization)
This tool allows you to carry out a check-up on your website pointing out mistakes and successes regarding your indexing score in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Site Bot
It is an excellent tool for creating chatbots that automatically interact with your visitors.

Digital Magazine Creator
Allows the creation of digital presentations and magazines without the need for programming or having a designer.

SMS Messenger
Tool for massive SMS triggering with great reach in just a few clicks.

Click Map
Lets you find out where visitors are clicking and interacting on your site, and understand the behavior of your audience as a whole.

Builderall Business Affiliate

Another very relevant point that we will address is the business model adopted by the company.

I dare say that this is exactly what makes Builderall quite controversial, being loved by some and hated by others.

By being a Premium Plan user on the platform, you automatically become a reseller and can earn commissions when referring the system to new users.

This model, also called Builderall Business, still works with a second layer of commissioning, where you will earn commission percentages for your affiliates’ sales as well.

In other words, in addition to being able to sell any product or service using the platform, it is also possible to sell itself.

It’s the opportunity to participate in the company’s growth, promote together and earn recurring commissions”
says Erick Salgado, CEO of BuilderAll.

This two-tier model is therefore characterized as multi-level marketing (MLM), and opens the door for criticism, because like it or not, it is a model that brings with it a bit of a bad reputation due to the market’s history.

This is therefore another big reason for Builderall’s success, the possibility that its users have to work as leveraged affiliates and earn recurring commissions when selling the system to new users.

The affiliate Builderall wins, to make a sale, 70% of the first month’s tuition fee and 30% of the months of that sale, as well as 30% of sales of its affiliates as well.

It is an innovative business model with extremely high scalability.

According to Erick Salgado, the system was designed so that anyone can profit quickly.

There is also a rare type of account called Ambassador, where the earnings are even greater and the user is no longer simply an affiliate and becomes an entrepreneur of the brand, being able to receive up to double the commission.

Is Builderall Brazil Reliable?

Builderall is a company with offices in 4 countries and more than 100 employees in all.

Its headquarters are in Orlando, Florida.

By launching the new version of the platform, Builderall 3.0, the milestone of 40,000 licenses sold around the world was reached, in several languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, and German.

BuilderAll literally delivers everything my business and I needed. I have no doubts that it is the most complete and easiest platform to automate everything.

According to Erick Salgado, all users are part of a large business community, where they can ask questions, interact with team members and help each other.

When being part of the community, it is common to come across the expression “ Family Builderall ” or “ Family Builder ” since the interaction groups on social networks are very close and united.

is Builderall worth it?

I’ll give you a straight answer: Yes, it does!

Builderall is a global company with hundreds of employees.

Altogether, there are almost 70,000 active users of the system and half a million websites published around the world.

The vast majority are entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are looking for tools to improve numbers and expand the company’s operations.

Another large part of users are affiliates who work with the platform solely and exclusively to sell it.

Builderall made headlines in 2019 by becoming an official sponsor of the Orlando City football club, owned by none other than Flávio Augusto da Silva, and it was where Kaká ended his career as a player after four seasons with the team.

Within the platform, users have several tutorials to learn how to use the system and each tool individually.

In addition, users have access to weekly webinars, free training provided by the company, and courses with specialists covering the entire universe of Online Marketing.

We’re talking about classes on Facebook Ads, SEO, neuromarketing, sales, and more.

Everything works like a true business community, creating an environment that allows you to learn, post questions, and chat with other users.

The content and training are all free, and you don’t need to spend 1 dollar more for it.

Inside your account panel, you have several courses, classes, and recorded training available for you to learn at any time from internet marketing specialists.

There are courses on paid traffic and Facebook ads, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing, practical training on builderall tools, classes with Erick Salgado giving tips to be a top affiliate, and even a complete English course you will have at your disposal.

New users still get 14 days free to get to know the platform and test all the tools at will.

Make your registration free and good sales.


With the emergence of the online world, many things have changed, including the way we do marketing.

In recent years, different types of tools have emerged that help entrepreneurs sell more and work with digital marketing.

And it was exactly in this scenario that all-in-one systems that centralize and encompass several of these tools also emerged.

Builderall is therefore a marketing automation platform, with thousands of users worldwide.

The system allows you to create websites, blogs, sales funnels, email marketing, and chatbots and automates several other features.

To get to know and explore the platform from the inside, the company gives you 14 days of unlimited access (no credit card required) and the first month costs only 1 Real.


  • Complete platform with dozens of tools;
  • Easy to use;
  • Business community;
  • Builderall University;
  • Possibility of earning commissions;
  • Low price.


  • Some tools aren’t so good;
  • Advanced users may miss some functionality.

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